EDITION: (CD Liner Notes) Tone of a Pitch Records     DATE: November 2013 

This recording allows Guimar„es Jazz, through its partnership with the TOAP label, to fulfill its mission of
documenting the festival for future generations of listeners, which is indeed essential for an event of the size and
ambition of Guimar„es Jazz. The seventh edition of this collaborative project between TOAP and Guimar„es Jazz
in 2012 brings us the work of the increasingly prestigious Matosinhos Jazz Orchestra and Jo„o Paulo Esteves da
Silva, performing compositions written by this Portuguese pianist and composer. The decision to adopt a new
format was based on the desire to focus on the body of work of a single jazz musician as opposed to the usual
collaborative performances amongst musicians coming from different backgrounds. The Matosinhos Jazz
Orchestra was selected here given the need to afford greater visibility to a Portuguese jazz orchestra with little
prior recording history and as a way to give young musicians the opportunity to perform with prominent
composers. This recording also allows us to rightfully recognize the artistic path of an influential musical talent
such as Jo„o Paulo Esteves da Silva.