EDITION: (CD Liner Notes) Tone of a Pitch Records     DATE: November 2012 

This joint project between Guimar„es Jazz and TOAP, which brings together young musicians on the Portuguese
and international jazz scene, celebrated its 6th edition in 2011, thus strengthening and refining a format whose
goal is to encourage the association of musicians from different backgrounds and allow for the intersection of
musical languages. Given that jazz is a style in which improvisation and organic confluence is an underlying
tenet, the spontaneous interactions amongst performers and composers is an inherent and necessary condition of
the creative artistic process. Festivals and record companies do well to commit themselves wholeheartedly to the
responsibility to provide for these moments of creative interaction, and the Guimar„es Jazz/TOAP project indeed
shows the mutual will to carry out this mission. Three aspects - the  desire to document the performances at the
Guimar„es Jazz Festival, our wish to focus on up-and-coming Portuguese musicians, and the existence of an
independent record company which is removed from overly commercial concerns yet available for such a
collaborative undertaking as this - have made this partnership possible, one which has been firmly on a course of
assuring success and demanding standards, which have gone on serve as an affirmation of the role of this event
as an integral part of the identity of Guimar„es Jazz.