EDITION: (Cd Liner Notes) Leo Records    DATE: November 2000 

If one day the word should die of tedium, then we shall know when we are really born to the issues of our daily
life. With experience, this indispensable questioning is ever more topical. The how …, the when …, the if …, the
what …, appear in exuberant signs of a civilization. Flight has left a place reserved, in the swiftness of dreams
which fulfil the three-dimensional sense of the body. The voice announces a return. (GRASSLANDS) Freedom
denounces its propensity for extremes. In nobody's place, we are all mistaken. The land of paths (HAPPY
CHINAMAN). The killer hyena was waiting for you behind a mount of fatal ruins. In the atmosphere circulate
the meanings of phrases with no registered owner, their authors eliminated Jupiter in the desperate search for a
new arrangement of ideas. The laughter of planning. The hatreds of lonely passions. The horizontal size. The
sleep of the fish. We have already done too much in the hardness of the city in flower (DAO ALCHEMY).
Lightening over the buildings in metallic colors. Constructions on precipices. Multiplications of orifices. The light
which does not let us look. The crisis breaks the interstices and the cells applaud. Quick conversations (DOWN
TO EARTH) in heavy traffic. Leave the red light on the blue traffic signal. Magnetic horizon. The speed of light.
Symptoms of an absence in the dusk of the tired tropics. Closed eyes. Corroded eyes. A symmetrical place
(QUEENS EXPRESS) geometrically planned, between meridians and experimental peninsular geographies. The
voice sounds behind me far to the west. Sweet climate. Aerobic cosmetics. I won't leave my stage like that.

-  Your name?
-  Artistic?
-  Your real name?
-  Crime compensates!
Still smells. The chief says: - No? The restaurant closed to the sound of a tango. 10 o'clock.

… Zilch.