EDITION: (CD Liner Notes) Tone of a Pitch Records     DATE: November 2010

The TOAP Project /Guimarães Jazz Collective is a space reserved for musicians, one of re-creation and
commitment, a platform for dialogue anchored in values which take up the idea of fellowship and of “doing
things together” as a collective whole, where no one feels imposed upon by anyone or guided by predefined
artistic goals or end-points. Our desire is to construct a space where a feeling of “utility” (the notion of
contributing something useful to others) can be had and which serves as a laboratory for experimenting with
ideas in sound. We wish to avoid the production of more rhetorical noise on the current concept of “new,” and in
doing so, we are preventing errors of over-codification from appearing in a reality with an excess of unilaterally
imposed musical ideas. Based on a principle of cooperation for mutual advantage, the TOAP Project /Guimarães
Jazz, supported by the hard work of the artists, offers something in exchange to all those interested in jazz. With
the artistic results we have achieved in this area free of constraints, we endorse this model which offers a much
more shared narrative and allows all those involved to acknowledge the value of a person’s accumulated life
experience and to reap the greatest benefits.